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“Doctuh" Michael Woods is a professional bassist, educator and composer who has written more than 700 compositions in styles that include choral, orchestral and chamber works, and jazz combo and big-band. His works have been performed by the Albany Symphony, Cleveland Chamber Ensemble, Erie Philharmonic Orchestra, Midland Symphony Orchestra, Utica Symphony, Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra, Little Rock Symphony, Anderson Symphony, North Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, Lafayette Symphony, Central New York Jazz Orchestra, Tulsa Philharmonic, Pro Musica Orchestra, Salt City Jazz Collective and the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble.  Woods is currently the musical director and bassist for the Zoe Jazz Band, and bassist for the Omniverse Jazz Ensemble. 


American Society of University Composers

Society for New Music

Center for Black Music Research

American Composers Forum

International Society of Bassists

Black Jazz Caucus

International Association of Jazz Educators


National Jazz Service Organization

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

National ACT-SO adjudicator – NAACP

International COGIC

Commissions & Premieres

Albany Symphony

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble

Pro Musica Orchestra, Columbus, Ind.

Lafayette Symphony, Lafayette, Ind.

Erie Philharmonic Orchestra

Midland Symphony Orchestra

Utica Symphony

Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra

Little Rock Symphony

Anderson Symphony

Works for Strings

  • Rakinda Howze, Boogie Woogie String Quartet
  • String Quartet #3, 5 Movements, Atonal & Jazz Harmonies
  • Question 85, String Quartet, One Movement, Twelve-Tone
  • String Serenade, in the style of Adagio for Strings
  • Three Psalms for Violin & Viola, 3 Movements, influenced by Bartok & Quincy Jones
  • String Trio #1, 5 Movements, Atonal & Jazz Harmonies

Chamber Music

  • Blue Piano, Twelve-Tone Be-bop
  • Saxophone Sonata #1, 3 Movements, Lyric, Pandiatonic
  • Quintet for Winds, 3 Movements, Pandiatonic, Jazz influences 
  • Saxation, Saxophone Quintet
  • The March to the Cross, Atonal, Rock influences
  • Saxploration, Saxophone Quintet, Atonal Jazz
  • Boogie Bits, Solo Piano, Atonal, Boogie Woogie
  • The Downtown Heaven Suite, 9 Movement Suite, Classical, Jazz, Pop influences 
  • The Altered Waltz, Solo Piano

Choral & Orchestral Works

  • Places of Light, Orchestral Tone Poem
  • Children of the Groove, Multisectional Orchestral Work 
  • Cultured Wrinkles, Orchestral Chamber Work
  • Back to Basslicks, Concerto for Electric Bass & Soprano Saxophone
  • Ghetto Savant, Orchestral Tone Poem
  • The Pavement, Multisectional Orchestral Work
  • Brother Man?, Jazz/Rock Tone Poem for Chamber Orchestra
  • War, Anger, Peace, Love, 4 Movements, Gospel Choir & Orchestra

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Jazz Combo Charts

  • The Drunken Poet, Jazz/Rock/Fusion
  • Cosmo Bop, Twelve-Tone Be-bop
  • You Came Through, Melodic Jazz Fusion
  • Hoopostosis, Jazz/Fusion, Chamber Music
  • Funk for Breakfast, Rock/Funk
  • Jumpin’ at the Woods’ Hide, Funky Shuffle
  • Walter Walker, Jazz Tone Poem
  • Mo Muhnay, Melodic Rock/Fusion
  • To Be Frank, Medium Swing with groove
  • Modern Praise, Medium Swing in Quartal Harmonies
  • The Ultimate Journey, Twelve-Tone, Multisectional Chamber Music
  • This Little Piggy, Jazz/Rock Fusion

Big Band

Listen Up!


  • Life Saver, High energy straight eighth rock
  • Lunar Landscape, Twelve-Tone Be-bop
  • One Knight Stand, Big Band funk
  • Casey Diah, Latin funk
  • Another Peace, Ballad
  • It Be Real, High energy straight eighth rock
  • Mother Wit, Latin/Soul/Jazz
  • When Chris is Cross, Hard Bop


  • The Groove Boutique, 7 Movement Jazz with drama
  • Dancin’ With Bird, 8 Movement, Jazz Combo, String Quartet, Poet

Performance & Conducting

  • Dogs of Desire - Albany Symphony Chamber Group, 2005
  • Zoe Jazz Band - Experimental Jazz Fusion - Founder, Composer, Bassist 1980 - present 
  • Omniverse - Modern Jazz Ensemble - Conductor, Composer, Bassist 1990 - present
    • Dancin’ With Bird - Conductor, Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN 1995
  • The Wiz - Conductor, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 1992
  • Souls A’Fire Gospel Choir - Director, Composer, Arranger 1980 - 1990
  • Oklahoma Sinfonia - Bassist, Composer, Arranger 1983 - 1990
  • Brady Theatre Band - Bassist, Arranger, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1983 - 1990
  • Brady Theatre Orchestra - Freelance Bassist - Dizzy Gillespie, Josef Gingold, Ramsey Lewis, Dave Brubeck, Carlos Montoya, The Winans, Barbara Mandrell, Rich Little, Dominic Spera, Mary Hart, and others.
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